• Our artist Luis Moreno will host the next Behance Review!

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 30, 2013

    Our artist Luis Moreno, also known as Luchenticius, will be the host of the next Behance Review in Bogotá, Colombia, the next November 5! He will be exhibit his work alongside a lecture about his artistic career. Congratulations mate! Click here for more info!

  • Melez releases his book "Absenteë"

    ARTIST UPDATE - March 23, 2012

    David Mena, or better know as Melez Artworks, releases again "Absentëe", and illustrated poetry self-published book written by Cristóbal Tirado. "Available once again for you all, my first illustrated book, "Absentëe". A book in which the deepest black intermingles with the suggestive emerald drops of the absinthe in between images of terror and solitude. Always accompanied by the texts of a young promising writer with dark and intimate texts, Cristóbal Tirado". Melez Artworks. "With this work, Melez [...] takes the reins of his most esoteric ego and gives expression to it in a bicolor universe of oniric and suggestive images, of parallel worlds of which we have been in one or another time in our lifes." José Manuel Blanco Gómez. Measures: 15x21,5 cm. Hard cover, details in varnish. 25 full color pages, more than 20 illustrations and texts in spanish. Only 15 euros + shipping (available worldwide). You can contact the artist here:

  • Aegis-Strife interview in BrainStormOverride

    ARTIST UPDATE - December 12, 2011

    Our Creative Director Aegis-Strife has been interviewed at Brainstormoverride , there you can get an idea of what he is capable of by checking some of his wonderfull works. A more than worth reading ! You can check it here

  • Dumaker's new website

    ARTIST UPDATE - November 28, 2011

    Our artist Dumaker show us his new web, it's a big work with a very good professional treatment and he present it to us with the next mini retro pixelated promotional video. DUMAKER.COM Also you can start watching his advances in his new blog

  • DiegoDP new website

    ARTIST UPDATE - November 1, 2011

    Our artist Diego Diez alias Diegodp has relased his new website with a new project, check it out!

  • "FOTOCAMINO, Photographic Journal for the road " by Andrea Melendez

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 27, 2011

    Andrea Melendez starts her new project called Fotocamino , as she says " Its a way of keeping in contact with the photography, even though i have no time.". It's about " making photographs regularly during the day while i walk from one place to another" Using brilliantly her mobile phone's cam , she shares a group of pics taken in an agile way and without pressure " Distorted , embittered, twisted , horrified , sublimated ... in a grayscale, like life " Its more than worth to follow this sequence of images , that in her own point of view, brings us. You can follow at : FOTOCAMINO by Andrea Melendez

  • Santiago Caruso in aztec lands

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 13, 2011

    Santiago Caruso will start soon a trip through Mexico among some different events as: - A phisical exhibition of 20 of his works at Guanajuato in relation with the "Day of the dead" from November 1 until December 1 at Museo Dieguino - A masterclass about visual lenguage also at Guanajuato - From November 9 until 11 will be teaching an illustration masterclass at Mexico University at Mexico D.F. - From November 14 until 17 will teach the same masterclass at FILIJ - From November 20 until 24 the same masterclass at Arts University in Oaxaca. - Finally he will go to FILUSTRA in Guadalajara. More information here

  • Virtual life drawing session results

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 12, 2011

    We anounced a "virtual life drawing session" managed by Antonio Collado for the last friday, unfortunately we experienced small issue that day and the web was down. The activity was executed anyway, but maybe with a small number of participants due to the web issue. There was few people drawing but at the end only Antonio Collado and Antonio Rodriguez Cano shared their results with us and here they are. We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused by the web issue and be sure that next time will be better. To know the rules of the activity just check the previous notice about it. References: Antonio Collado Antonio Rodriguez Cano

  • "Slivoide" New work by Martin de Diego.

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 5, 2011

    Martin de Diego Sádaba submits a new work. "Slivoid" is a band logo commission. Click on the pic to see it full view.