• Our artist Luis Moreno will host the next Behance Review!

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 30, 2013

    Our artist Luis Moreno, also known as Luchenticius, will be the host of the next Behance Review in Bogotá, Colombia, the next November 5! He will be exhibit his work alongside a lecture about his artistic career. Congratulations mate! Click here for more info!

  • HM13.5: Halloween!

    RELEASES - October 22, 2013

    The international artistic collective Hysterical Minds is proud to present their first wallpaper exhibition! We are delighted to show you a collection of Halloween themed inspired wallpapers (and music!) for all your spooky needs on all Hallow's Eve! This mini-pack features all kind of aesthetical and conceptual approaches to the dark ideas surrounding the night of the dead, and it has also been done in a record time: Published just one month after our massive release "They are among Us"! If you are wearing something this special night... Why shouldn't your computer, tablet or phone? Gift them with any of our creepy shiny new jackets and get the party started! View Pack!

  • Andrea Meléndez will be on Expo Foto 2013

    EXHIBITIONS - October 1, 2013

    Our artist and photographer Andrea Meléndez will be exhibit at Expo Foto 2013, in Costa Rica, with her piece "In memoriam", featured in our release "Twisted Essence". From here, our most sincere congratulations, Andrea! You have more info on


    RELEASES - September 18, 2013

    The international artistic collective Hysterical Minds presents "They are among us", their 13th exhibition in their third year of existence. Even if we do not consider ourselves to be superstitious at all, we have aimed to bring an alienated, voyeurism look and feel to this show. The theme, chosen by the very own artists of the collective, is a sum of all those things and concepts that are surrounding us in different ways. Even if the main idea might do a direct reference to other life forms or energies, we have been working to bring a wide spectrum of interpretations, from the most obvious ones (aliens, ghosts or fantasy beings), current affairs in society and politics and even the most abstract and emotional takes on the concept. Without a doubt, "They are among us" is an open and eclectic collection of artworks that are based in a common path, showing that taking a sentence that will try to shot to the obvious, an immense ocean of interpretations about the fears and longing of the human being can be risen. VIEW EXHIBITION!

  • 'The Story of the Creative' exhibiton in New York

    EXHIBITIONS - July 13, 2013

    Our managers Liransz and Aégis and our artist Martin Blanco have been selected for the exhibition "The Story of the Creative" in New York City, from July 25th to September 10th! Congratulations! This collection of work will feature a diverse range of mediums, styles, influences, and inspirations. The work displayed will include sculpture and works on paper in one of the most exquisite venues in New York City. For more information click on this link.

  • 1st Psychology & Art conference

    EXHIBITIONS - May 23, 2013

    Our Art Director , Aegis , with the collaboration of the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid ( UDIMA ) , presents " I Psychology & Art meeting " it will be developed both May 31 and June 1st at Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) de Madrid. Some roundtable discussions , and a great expo of more than 30 works from Aegis will lead into the main theme of the meeting, ¿ How the way the artist works links with his personality ?. For more info check out Aegis`s page

  • Liransz & Hysterical Minds in "Der Bildbearbeiter" magazine

    PRESS - May 5, 2013

    The latest release of the German magazine "Der Bildbearbeiter" features a wonderful article about the colective. Our artist Liransz is also interviewed. Included in the article are severak wiorks from our artists, such as "Betrayal" by Mario Sanchez Nevado , Swordwoman by Arkiniano , Gorgona by Marcela Bolivar and the collaborative work Mirage Cover.

  • Mirage has been released!

    ACTIVITY - March 23, 2013

    "Mirage" is available NOW! More than 100 artworks of the best artworks released by the collective. Available in both paper&digital versions... Don't miss out this milestone!

  • 'Aquí yace Dumaker' exhibition

    EXHIBITIONS - March 7, 2013

    Our artist Dumaker will be showcasing a collection of his latest work at the Albacete School of Art in Albacete, Spain, in an exhibition entitled 'Aquí yace Dumaker' that will run March 7 through March 18, 2013, from 9:00 to 14:00. You can't miss it! Check out Dumaker's blog and the exhibition's Facebook event for the latest updates.


    EXHIBITIONS - February 25, 2013

    After four months of hard work, at Hysterical Minds we are pleased to introduce you our 12th exhibition, which we have baptized as "Substantia", which gathers a collection of more than seventy artworks that harvest the most varied artistic trends and techniques from nowadays, as we always offer to you: from traditional to digital painting, going through photography and its derivatives, motion graphics, music and several mixed media outcomes. Unlike past releases, this time we have not needed to establish any conceptual relationship between the pieces to give an homogeny and global approach to it: It seemed to be the best, after the success of our latest releases, to get some fresh air and create a free style release, but asking ourselves to give maximum quality. That's the reason you'll face a collection of pieces that go further from the techniques they were created, because the appealing of "Substantia" is the crazy amount of stories that it has yet to tell, with many different beginnings and conclusions, which travels throughout human emotions and beyond the limits of fantasy, which makes of "Substantia" a showcase that needs not further explanations: you can just enjoy it! View exhibition

  • HM Weekly Exercises

    ACTIVITY - November 28, 2012

    We're pleased to inform that we are now practicing digital painting and photography every week in our forums,. So if you're interested to take more practice on this arts, creat pieces based on specific themes, share opinions and discuss about common topics, try it! Participate!

  • HM11: Empathy in Advanced Photoshop

    PRESS - November 6, 2012

    Our eleventh exhibition, HM11: Empathy, has been featured in issue 102 (November 2012) of the Advanced Photoshop Magazine. The article contains several illustrations from the exhibition, interesting information regarding our collective and an exclusive interview with our artist Martin de Diego Sádaba. You can't miss it! Purchase the magazine here. Click on the pages from issue 102 to enlarge.


    EXHIBITIONS - October 15, 2012

    We proudly present our eleventh art pack, once again filled with top pieces created in multiple media by today's finest Spanish-speaking artists. On this occasion, which is as special as ever, our artists had a technical challenge, which allowed for both conceptual freedom and coherence. What you are about to see will appeal to you mainly due to the use of color: "Empathy" refers to many things, but we have focused it on color relationships. Every work presented in this exhibition is based on the use of complementary colors, colors that are completely opposed in the color wheel. This has resulted in the highest possible contrast between hues, with combinations such as blue-orange, green-red and yellow-purple, as well as many more variants. We offer you a journey that will show you the anatomy of color, the emotions it can convey and the power of joining opposites. This is a collection of awe-inspiring, visually striking, richly narrative images where everyday situations meet the magical and where empathy is the common thread. Here you will find a place it is likely you already knew. VIEW EXHIBITION

  • Joshua Cairós interviewed at Canarias Creativa

    INTERVIEW - September 6, 2012

    Our artist Joshua Cairós has been interviewed at the Spanish website Canarias Creativa. You can read the interesting interview by clicking here (Spanish only).

  • News from the Euskal Encounter in Bilbao

    ACTIVITY - August 8, 2012

    At the end of last month, the members of HystericalMinds were invited to participate in several activities which took place at the Euskal Encounter, a large computer event that was held in several of the pavilions of the Bilbao Exhibition Center, with more than 5000 participants and 8000 visitors attending. All visitors enjoyed from the first to the last day a physical exhibition with twenty-five works from various artists of our collective. Due to the exhibition's strategic location, which sorrounded the public conference area, it had widespread diffusion both amongst the visiting public and through the media (tv, radio and written press). On the other hand, due to a problem in the event's logistics we had to unify all three activities which had been originally planned to be held independently on Friday (one conference and two live painting demos) . The result was a two hour conference by Martin de Diego Sádaba in which he talked about Hysterical Minds and the world of online art collectives. Meanwhile our artists Dumaker and J.C.Barquet (the former located in Castilla la Mancha, Spain and the latter in Mexico City) broadcasted a live speedpainting deathmatch, in which they had to improvise a one hour painting based on a sci-fi theme. At the same time, several members of the collective and other participants were painting both digitally and traditionally; some with the purpose of demonstration and others who simply got carried away by the creative spirit of the situation. On Saturday, Martin de Diego Sádaba and Urih Pt2, representing HM, were judges in the picture, animation and videogame categories of some competitions which took place at the Euskal Encounter. In sum, the event was a succesful one on many different levels for our collective, so we will keep an eye for future editions and we will try to promote graphic content for this type of events. We would like to thank our artists for their participation, both those whose works were showcased and the ones that were present.

  • Our artists Liran Szeiman, Mario S. Nevado and Marcela Bolívar in Exposé 10!

    PRESS - July 26, 2012

    Our artists Liran Szeiman, Mario S. Nevado and Marcela Bolívar have been featured in the tenth edition of Exposé, by Ballistic Publishing, considered one of the most important annuals and a big reference in terms to digital art and illustration. In addition, some of the pieces were created specifically as part of HystericalMinds' projects. Liran Szeiman's featured piece, Rapto, was first released as part of HM8: Shadowness. Marcela Bolívar's Disolución from HM9: Twisted Essence also appears in the annual under the surreal art section. Mario S. Nevado had an important recognition: not only were five of his artworks selected to be showcased in the book, but he was also awarded the Master Award in the Abstract & Design category for his piece Discovery from our seventh expression, HM7: Freedom. Another of his featured pieces, Trust in me, was also part of HM9: Twisted Essence. Read a short interview with Mario and meet the Master Awarded artists here. Congratulations to all three of them! Needless to say this is not only an outstanding achievement at a personal level, but also for HystericalMinds as a whole. Purchase the book and find out more about Exposé 10 here.

  • HM10: Symphony Feature Compilation

    PRESS - July 24, 2012

    Our exhibit HM10: Symphony has received an incredible response from several online publications since its release on June 4th, 2012. We are honored to see our tenth artistic collection featured on the following websites: Articles Psdtuts+ Abduzeedo Design You Trust FuriaMag Hangaroundtheweb Online magazines Ultratumba Surreal Grotesque Daily inspiration PhotoshopDaily Shadowness Furiamag Other features Design Spartan Designrfix 40fakes CreativeReview Ganchitos Pepsi Boom We would like to thank these websites and we hope that our future projects will continue to receive such a positive response.

  • Hysterical Minds' exhibition in the Euskal Encounter of Spain

    ACTIVITY - July 23, 2012

    The 26th and July 27th, Hysterical Minds will be present at the 20th edition of Euskal Encounter at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), where some of the artists of the group will be featuring our second exhibition and performing Live Demonstrations, Digital Painting Fights and Conferences. Hope to see you there! Friday 27th 15:00 - 16:00 Martin de Diego Sábada Mater Class: Live Demostration 16:00 - 17:00 Livestream deathmatch 20:00 - 20:45 Presentación Hysterical minds (Conference) [+] More information

  • Videotutorial of "DaliKiss" by Cano

    TUTORIALS - July 21, 2012

    Our artist Cano shares with us the proccess of making his work "DaliKiss" from our last exhibition Symphony. Check it out!

  • Exclusive Interview with Andrea Meléndez

    INTERVIEW - July 11, 2012

    We are pleased to interview Andrea Meléndez, a photographer who loves monochrome and one of the oldest members of the collective. Tell us something about you. I studied Art and Visual Communication. I love photography, illustration, music, cats, art history, chocolate and all things weird, dark, ugly and old. I was part of three exhibitions in Costa Rica, including ‘Realidades’ [Realities] in the National Museum of Costa Rica and ‘Expofoto Edición 2011’, where my photographs were used as part of the event’s publicity. What inspires you when creating your works? This question creates some sort of inner conflict between my academic background and my personal, more subjective experience. I studied a career in art and Visual Communication with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Throughout my studies, I was continuously told that inspiration didn’t exist and that designers shouldn’t state they were ‘inspired’ when creating a certain work. That was understandable if we consider that design is based on using one’s own knowledge to satisfy a certain need in terms of communication; if it doesn’t convey the original message, it’s simply worthless and you can speak of a bad designer. Art, however, is not necessarily that objective. All the theory I learnt in university lost its validity once I started creating images like the ones I do today. Without the fear of asking myself what my old teachers would say if they heard me, I can say now that inspiration is certainly there and that’s what I feel when I get carried away creating an image. I am not afraid to confess that I’m profoundly inspired by sadness, the disturbing, the bleak and macabre, death and nostalgia, the sublime, music, melancholy, black and white cinema, the ugly and bizarre, nightmares... only to name a few. How did you start developing as an artist? I studied Art and Visual Communication in College, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, and also one in painting, which I didn’t finish. About one year later I started feeling really attracted to photography. At first I wasn’t trying to convey a message, it was simply some sort of personal therapy or catharsis, I took the photographs for myself and to strengthen my feelings, and I didn’t share them. That’s when I joined a couple of websites for people to share their art. At first I didn’t upload anything, I simply observed, but then I became enthusiastic when I looked at other people’s comments and at the interest that my images produced. I also had the opportunity to be in contact and be inspired by other artists. A voice inside my head started telling me that I had to be like them, that I had to improve my technique to convey clearer messages: my feelings, sorrows and emotions. It was a duty, an order that I couldn’t resist back then and which still drives me today. How would you define your style? It is capricious, it has a life of its own, it doesn’t listen to me and I’m possessed by it… it sometimes jumps out of my head and it’s dirty, rough, bizarre, shocking to the eye, unpleasant, very noisy and damaged. But sometimes it surprises me and it is only silence, nostalgia, emptiness, and quietness, like a grey and gloomy aroma that becomes ethereal or ghostly. Are you working on any personal projects? Yes, I’m currently working on several things; I’m addicted to being occupied. My time is divided between several projects. The first is alternative (or opposed, really) to photography; it has to do with illustration for children ( and it has allowed me to create my own little illustration studio. The second one is a constant project of photographs taken with a cellphone and which remain unedited ( ) and the last one is the sporadic production of personal photography (( One of the most impressive pieces you’ve presented to the collective is “Abrenuntio”. Could you explain the story behind it? I can begin by explaining the last thing I defined, which was the title. Abrenuntio refers to the act of giving up or refusing to something. The image can be interpreted in different ways, so I’d rather not explain too much of what I had in mind; I can say, however, that the character is not satisfied with its own specific situation. She is aware of this and expresses her discomfort until she decides to give up and leave. The scene has no major post work; rather, the elements were already in place at the time the shot was taken. It is the captured motion and the expressiveness of the interaction between both characters that make the sequence interesting. I’d like to show an image that I used as a base for the placement of the elements and attitudes, especially of the first shot. It is a representation of Virgin Mary and her “son” Jesus in their usual positions: ( Note the slight resemblance between the position of the hand, the expression of the face and the way the child is being held. I hope this works as a guide or as a cause of debate about the viewer’s interpretation of the image. What is your method when editing your photographs? Now that you mention it, post work in my images is fundamental, inevitable and necessary. I think the image obtained directly from the camera is simply a small part, a starting point, not a final piece. I have never agreed with the view that condemns the editing of photographs. None of my shots is final; each of them has the potential for being a means and not an unalterable end. I think it would be a waste not to make use of what technology offers in favor of communication. I sometimes create scenes in my head, which are inspired by emotions or objects, then look for the camera and try to capture something similar to what I’m trying to express. But it doesn’t end there: magic is only beginning because it is then that I look through the shots obtained (sometimes three hundred or more) and I connect with one only, the one that invites me to invade it, explore it, manipulate it, exploit it, attack it, or change it. It is an impulse that I enjoy, and which I do not abandon until I can call it finished. It is a metaphorical ritual in which I can change reality, seeing the picture like a piece of it, a part of a frozen world, enjoying that I can change it however I want; I can create a nightmare from the fragment of reality, trapped in the picture, and that is unbeatable. I'm able to change the world, to edit it to my own liking and that is pure magic. I can’t say that I have a definite method; it is rather impulsive and exclusive to each moment. The only thing that is constant is the strong use of textures superposed to the images. Are most of your photographs self-portraits? Yes, most of them are, but I don’t like to call them like that, since I don’t feel that I’m strictly capturing myself. I don’t mean it to be evident that it’s me in the pictures; I like to think of myself as another tool that helps build the final image, something like the pigments to the painter. The figure captured by the camera is just a character, a part of the final piece. What is for you the most important thing of being part of an art collective? I think it’s important for several reasons. The growth you gain from constructive critique, having contact with the creative process of other artists –from the moment an idea is conceived all the way to the finished product–, and the personal motivation derived from competition as well as working as a team to achieve common goals. Which do you think is the best piece you’ve presented with the collective? Can you explain it? I don’t think I have a best piece, because each one was unique at the time and for the idea it was created. I’d say, however, that “Credo, quia absurdum” ( has congruency between what I wanted to tell myself, the final image and what is perceived by the viewers. The shot captured the essence of my idea from the moment it was taken. The composition is simple and there’s no major post work, the elements that appear in the image were really there, none of them was added or modified later. I had the idea, looked for the necessary elements, composed the image and captured it with the camera. It expresses exactly what I wanted to say. How do you see Hysterical Mind’s future? I joined the group almost two years ago, and I’ve seen the quality of the woks grow immensely since then. I've seen artists join Hysterical Minds who I admired even before, deeply touched by their creations, such as Marcela Bolívar, Santiago Caruso, Tony Sandoval and Mario S. Nevado, in an extremely short time. If the collective has grown enough as to draw attention from these great creators and it keeps going at its current pace, I think Hysterical Mind’s future is really promising. What do you think of the current art scene? I love it. It is a giant rapidly growing in all directions. The new technologies and the flow of communication thanks to the Internet allows us to see the brushstrokes of someone on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. There are a number of ways to be self-taught, it is within the reach of anyone; you can have contact with the works of a thousand different creators and each and every one of them with impeccable technical (and sometimes also conceptual) skill. There are lots of ways to show your work, markets to sell it or promote it, thousands of new creators exposed each day –and thousands still in the process– due to the flow of information and tendencies. I think the current art scene is not hindering anyone, not the critics, the conservatives, the museums, the mummies or the oldest institutions within the art world. What pros and cons do you find in the artistic promotion through the Internet? If you are good you will be copied, ripped, quoted, interviewed, criticized or attacked independently of whether you show your art on the Internet, the MOMA or a wall in your neighborhood. It is a peculiar situation. The safety of intellectual property is very questionable nowadays. Nonetheless, having the opportunity to show your work through the Internet is a window that opens many possibilities both to amateurs like me and to masters of different disciplines. The fact that your work can be seen in Germany, France, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile or Croatia, with so much as a click of your mouse, is very positive. I have personally found my way because of this tool; up to this point I haven’t had any copyright issues or problems of the sort, but I have been contacted by people interested in my work and I have been published both in Europe and South America, something that I wouldn’t have achieved in 30 years had I feared to promote my work this way. Do you think the role of art is more or less relevant to society given the current situation? I don’t think it’s that important. At least the type of art that defined with academic terminology, the one exposed in museums, auctions, biennials or fairs. I think art nowadays is selfish, it can be relevant for a particular individual but not for today’s societies, which are so globalized. Art has lost its power as a communicative means. It cannot be made to reach so many people as to say that it has considerable influence or that it is something ‘important to society’. Because, in the end, what is? Visit Andrea's website Contact Andrea

  • "Sisters of Sorrow" Wallpaper by ObscureBT

    WALLPAPERS - June 30, 2012

    ObscureBT shares with us a wallpaper version of his piece "Fallout", included in our latest release SYMPHONY as a free wallpaper available for most common resolutions: Widescreen, Netbook, Full HD, iPhone, Android and similar devices. Click to download!

  • Exclusive Interview with Iorch

    INTERVIEW - June 21, 2012

    We are pleased to offer you an interview with one of our newest additions: Jorge Gallego Lorén (Iorch), Musician and Composer from Barcelona. Tell us something about yourself. My name is Jorge Gallego Lorén. I was born in Barcelona on August 5th 1984 and at the age of four I began studying classical music at the school of music and dance ‘Fusió de Sant Cugat del Vallés’ with Albert Sàrrias as my teacher. He taught me to feel the music in a simple yet passionate way, as well as to play the violin using the ‘Suzuki’ method. I also took part in an orchestra, an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed during many years. However, it was not until six years ago that I began composing my own music; I started feeling that my path had more to do with creativity than with interpretation. What inspires you when creating your works? I normally start with a concrete concept. I feel comfortable creating music that is related to one or more images, as if it was a soundtrack. There are other times when I’m simply walking down the street and I start humming a random melody that later becomes a song. When did you start developing as an artist? When I learnt that I could create music of my own. How would you define your style? I’ve always listened to a lot of music of a broad range of styles. The very essence of my works derives from this variety. Are you working on any personal projects at the moment? Yes, I’m currently involved in various projects. One of them is a communication study that will be unveiled soon; music destined for publicity. I’m also composing themes for my website, and I’m part of a modern music project of which I am composer, singer and writer. And finally, I am working with Hysterical Minds; you guys rock! What influences you? Many things; if I had to choose, I’d say easterly musicians and composers, because of their really cool mixture between folkloric music and pure classical music. What is your process when defining a certain theme? Once I have the concept, I begin looking for information of all kinds: the music of other artists, images, films, and so on, which work as a support for creating the composition. It is then that the first music notes appear in my head. Once the harmonic structure is defined, I simply get carried away. Is all of your work digital or do you also use analog methods? I use both; I really like the audio contrast that can be created. I work with a computer, specifically with LogicPro. As a matter of fact the way I make music is like mixing different textures. For some pieces I have sung and played the viola, the clarinet, the piano and some percussions, while recording them with a microphone. Most of the times I use instruments from the software. What do you think of the current situation of music? I’m not going to say anything new, but right now is the perfect time to start working independently. We now have an extremely powerful tool, which is the Internet. On a personal level, it is the moment to make the most of our time and, above all, to help each other. A clear example is what happens within this art collective. I have the tools to create my music and then share it via this website. Just like Juan Palomo. What is the most important thing of being part of an art collective? For me being part of an art collective that promotes its members is vital. Together we are stronger. Another thing I really appreciate is the feedback I receive on the works I present. What is, in your opinion, the best piece you’ve presented here? Please explain it. I like them all because of the concept work I’ve been able to develop. However, I think I’d choose ‘Composición Fantasma’ [Ghost Composition] because it is fresh and randy. It is probably the most uncouth song I’ve composed. I come from a very classical music world, where extravagances are not well regarded, but I’ve always been very curious. I had a great time editing it. The voices are mine –with one or two filters, of course! – and I had to take a break more than once, because of how funny it was! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Matias Szeiman for helping me with his exceptional work recording the guitars! How do you see the future of Hysterical Minds? I think it’s very promising. We are working increasingly better, with a magnificent technical level, and above all, with a lot of enthusiasm. The group can become whatever it desires. What do you think of the current digital art scene? It is rapidly developing; the tools we have available become more comprehensive every day. That is why I believe the panorama is very positive. What pros and cons do you find in the artistic promotion through the Internet? One of the positive aspects is the rapid and cheap diffusion of content. It is a revolution. I can now work from home or from the other side of the world on a commissioned piece from Japan, for instance. This also allows people interested in your work to quickly contact you, and makes payment relatively safe. On top of that, you can advertise your work through different media: social networks, blogs or personal web sites. Of course you have to be prepared to communicate and answer nimbly. Do you think the role of art is more or less relevant to society given the current situation? Not for the Spanish government definitely, but for society in general this phenomenon has been, and will continue to be, vital for intellectual development. Art is freedom of expression. Since man became man the role of art has existed uninterruptedly. Primitive men painted the walls of caves, and it has recently been discovered that they also took advantage of the acoustics of different locations and considered them for their rituals. How do you think the current artistic disciplines will develop? I think the situation will remain as it is now: based on reinterpretation. It has always been like that. Personally I would love to be able to smell, touch and listen to a music piece. Actually, I think it’s already possible. What is your opinion on contemporary art? I think we’ve come to a point where art has become too banal. Sometimes artists working in different disciplines give more importance to business than to creativity itself. In my case, I feel the need to express through music, and if from that I can benefit commercially, that’s great. But I will always remain honest to myself.

  • "Fallout" Wallpaper by Dumaker

    WALLPAPERS - June 19, 2012

    Dumaker shares with us a wallpaper version of his piece "Fallout", included in our latest release SYMPHONY as a free wallpaper available for most common resolutions: Widescreen, Netbook, Full HD, iPhone, Android and similar devices. Click to download!

  • Our artists JcBarquet & Aégis to exhibit in Times Square!

    NEWS - June 18, 2012

    Fresh news! Just an hour ago our artists Juan Carlos Barquet and Mario S. Nevado were selected by Artists Wanted to exhibit in a giant billboard on Times Square, New York! The picked artworks from them are still a surprise! They're some of the several winners from the campaign "Art takes Times Square". Here's a live webcam link for you to see it live! Juan carlos Barquet will exhibit 19:15 - 19:45 (EDT - NYC time) / 01:15 - 01:45 (GMT+1 South European time). Mario S. Nevado will exhibit 21.00 - 21.30 (EDT, NYC time) / 03.00 - 03.30 (GMT+1). Congratulations!

  • Aegis recieves a Daily Deviation!

    PRESS - June 16, 2012

    Congratulations to Aegis for his Daily Deviation on his piece Comfortably Numb of HM10: SYMPHONY. Well deserved Aegis!

  • "Deep" Wallpaper by Aégis

    WALLPAPERS - June 12, 2012

    Mario S. Nevado (aka Aégis) publishes a wallpaper version of their latest piece "Deep", included in pour latest release SYMPHONY as a free wallpaper available for most common resolutions: Widescreen, Netbook, Full HD, iPhone, Android and similar devices. You can download the wallpaper pack by clicking on the preview below. Enjoy!


    NEWS - June 4, 2012

    We have entitled this release as "Symphony" because we want to bring a visual concert to your house, generated from a common passion that unites us as artists: Music. We have given room for expression and creation, reinterpreting our favourite tracks, genres and authors, from classical music to industrial tunes, from black metal to dance pop, travelling through a wide spectrum of shades to bring you a diverse but coherent collection. We are sure that you will find some of your favourite music themes visually re-created in this exhibition from the personal visions of the collective's artists, since we have material for everyone's tastes. Plus! Don't miss out the tracks that our musicians have created for this release, getting inspired by classical works of art and moreover, from the very visual pieces of this art-pack! We offer you a moment to get delighted, relaxed and to let yourself go. We hope you enjoy it and don't forget to turn the volume up! VIEW EXHIBITION

  • HM10: Symphony is near...

    PRESS - June 1, 2012

    Our 10th exhibition is getting near and we'd already started distributing entrys for the concert! While you wait to the big date, you can enjoy this video that our artist Dumaker had prepeared. Are you going to miss this show?

  • DaliKiss Video Teaser by Cano

    PRESS - May 28, 2012

    Cano shares with us a preview video of the making of one of his works for the next exhibition of Hysterical Minds 10: Symphony. Enjoy!

  • Parallax Art Fair report

    EXHIBITIONS - May 25, 2012

    The last May, from the 15th to 18th, it took place in the Chelsea Old Town Hall of London, the opening of the 5th edition of the Parallax Art Fair, a meeting point for contemporary art that gathered more than 200 artists from more than 30 different countries from all over the world... and as it could be expected, Hysterical Minds took a trip to London to attend our international exhibition debut in one of the most important art fairs of Europe. Our coordinator, Martín de Diego Sádaba, and our art director Mario Sánchez Nevado, flought to London to represent Hysterical Minds during the length of the fair, with a showcase of 20 artworks featuring paintings, photography and mixed media pieces, from figurativism to abstraction through everyday poetic captures and ending in oniric and obscure worlds in the possibly biggest stand of the fair. It included also some unpublished artworks that you will have the chance to discover in the release of our 10th art pack, very, very soon! The fair, which lasted four days, assembled the most miscellaneous parts from the art of today (but withouth getting in the game of the contemporary taunt),from big canvases of abstract and post-expressionism mixed media paintings to the always present on these events, the pop art, but also with the chance of discovering a bit of realism but above all, artworks that were due to the new languages of modern art imposed by the art world of the beginning of the century. So, adding all of this up, the fact of finding a stand of an artistic collective (because on that matter, we were the only ones) consisting mainly of digital art pieces, got the audience by surprise, more used to analogue media and, to a certain extent, to the modern-pretentious arcaism. On the inauguration day, accesible only to a V.I.P. audience, there were found some curators from one of the most important London districts (with the largest museums area in the city) but also some worldwide acclaimed artists that were showcasing their latests projects, and as the rest of us, they shared visiting cards and portfolios as a way of greeting the visitors. With no doubt, we were there to shine: our stand was the very first one, and even if you could not notice it while entering, the visitors were unable to ignore our exhibition when they were trying to leave the fair: they were caught by surprise by a collection of artworks created using real contemporary media, but that both aesthetically and formally were trying to flee from the traditional conventionalisms of the artistic circles. But not only that – a generous amount of other artists exhibiting there came to the stand to show their respect and admiration for the collection we were showcasing. Both the first and the last day were completely full, while the rest of the time things were calmed but constant, giving the chance to all of us to know each other and establish some links while we were paying attention to the curious and interested visitors that were coming to our different stands. Nonetheless, one of the big moments for Hysterical Minds came on Thursday 17th: Our art director gave a lecture about the young historical context of the on-line art collectives, how they were born and how they evolved, focusing on the working methods as well as some information regarding to past, present and future projects of Hysterical Minds, reaching its climax with a talking related to the margination issue of digital art on the conventional artistic circuits and markets. An open turn of questions and answers followed before ending the lecture with the introduction of our art book “Retrospective” that was well received (and purchased) by the londoners. From here, we want to thank all of the artists form the collective that have collaborated with this project. Without them this wouldn't have had any sense!: Martín de Diego Sádaba, Mario Sánchez Nevado, Liran Szeiman, Martín Thompson, Sabrina Fernández Vazzino, Juan Carlos Barquet, Dumaker Martín Navas, Antonio Rodríguez Cano, Guillermo Chang, Beñat Olea Irureta, Israel Llona, Daniel Torres Storni, Joshua Cairos, Micael Katzman, Antonio Collado, Rubén Pomares, Diego Díez, Fernando Martín, Laurence Rhynn Viollet and Darío Pineda Montejo. Thanks to you, Hysterical Minds has left a good mark in London! Coming very soon, we will show you a compilation of audiovisual content with footage from the fair. Stay tunned! Meanwhile you can take a look at what they're saying about the fair. As you can see, almost if not all of them feature one of the works exhibited by us! • Cultural Embassy of Spain in UK • Art Rabbit • Style Bible • Kensignton & Chelsea Guide • Artface • Art Slant • El Ibérico Magazine • World Photo • Square Mile • TNT Magazine Obviously, this is just the first step of a very long walk that Hysterical Minds has just begun – no hurry, no stop – that will continue with an avalanch of news that you will discover during the lenght of this year. We promised to get out of the screen. We're already on the streets. The hysteria has just begun.

  • Parallax Art Fair late night opening

    EXHIBITIONS - May 16, 2012

    We would like to share the first photos of Parallax Art Fair from yesterday last night opening. It was a great night to share with everyone attending the first exhibition of Hysterical Minds. If you're in London you have until May 18th to visit the art fair. Martin de Diego Sadaba (Administrator) and Mario S. Nevado (Artistic Director) will be there and on Thursday at 13:00 pm will be giving a talk about the collective.

  • London: Exhibition + Talk

    EXHIBITIONS - May 13, 2012

    Everything is ready for the HM exhibition at the Parallax Art Fair from the 15th to the 18th of May in the old Town Hall Chelsea, London. On Thursday, Mario S. Nevado (Aégis) it´s going to give a talk about Hysterical Minds with an open turn of questions right after at 13.00. Are you going to miss it? For now, here's a preview of what you will find them there.

  • Lioz by Veistim wallpaper

    RESOURCES - May 6, 2012

    Samanta Baqvel alias "Veistim" shares with us this unpublished wallpaper, exclusive for Hysterical Minds. To download the wallpaper click on the preview.

  • Parallax Art Fair: HM Exhibition

    EXHIBITIONS - May 4, 2012

    Hysterical Minds is proud to announce its international debut with an exhibition that will be held at the Parallax Art Fair from the 15th to the 18th of May in the Chelsea old Town Hall, London. After two successful releases such as Shadowness and Twisted Essence, and the publication of our editorial opera prima Retrospectiva, we get out of your home screen again to walk around on the third dimension so you can see us live. We will showcase a collection of 20 pieces from the collective artists (some of them still unreleased), and we will be giving a conference about the artgroup's history and goals (date to be confirmed). Also, during the event we will have a little stand in which you can come by to ask for information or just to say hello! We will have there some copies of our book Retrospectiva. You will easily find us by the giant banner that points out our way! We want to thank our artists for their participation in this project, and we wish a great reception of their artworks in London: Martín Thompson, Martín de Diego Sádaba, Liran Szeiman, Sabrina Fernández, Mario S. Nevado, Juan Carlos Barquet, Dumaker Martín Navas, Beñat Olea, Antonio Rodríguez Cano, Antonio Collado, Diego Díez, Rubén Pomares, Guillermo Chang, Darío Pineda, Israel Llona, Micael Katzman, Joshua Cairos, Daniel Torres Storni, Fernando Martín and Laurence Rhynn Viollet. The opening times of the event will be as follows: Tuesday 15th of May: VIP entrance only from 19.00 to 21.00. Wednesday 16th of May: 11.00 to 18.00. Thursday 17th of May: 11.00 to 20.00. Jazz performance from 18.00 to 20.00. Friday 18th of May: 11.00 to 17.00 While you wait until our grand opening, you can download and enjoy the wallpaper that Mario S. Nevado has designed for this event!

  • HM9: Twisted Essence in Advanced Photoshop

    PRESS - April 24, 2012

    We're glad to announce that our last exhibition HM9: Twisted Essence has been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Here's a preview:

  • Step by Step: "La vera Amicizia" by Oscuro

    TUTORIALS - April 18, 2012

    Oscuro shares with us a step by step of his work "La vera Amicizia", from our last exhibition Twisted Essence. Set the HD and enjoy... Click to watch Click on the preview below if you want to see the full size pic.

  • Melez releases his book "Absenteë"

    ARTIST UPDATE - March 23, 2012

    David Mena, or better know as Melez Artworks, releases again "Absentëe", and illustrated poetry self-published book written by Cristóbal Tirado. "Available once again for you all, my first illustrated book, "Absentëe". A book in which the deepest black intermingles with the suggestive emerald drops of the absinthe in between images of terror and solitude. Always accompanied by the texts of a young promising writer with dark and intimate texts, Cristóbal Tirado". Melez Artworks. "With this work, Melez [...] takes the reins of his most esoteric ego and gives expression to it in a bicolor universe of oniric and suggestive images, of parallel worlds of which we have been in one or another time in our lifes." José Manuel Blanco Gómez. Measures: 15x21,5 cm. Hard cover, details in varnish. 25 full color pages, more than 20 illustrations and texts in spanish. Only 15 euros + shipping (available worldwide). You can contact the artist here:

  • Retrospectiva: The winner!

    ACTIVITY - March 12, 2012

    We have a winner of the Shadowness giveaway : José Joaquín Sánchez Ríos! Congratulations José, you will get a copy os Retrospectiva soon.

  • Step by Step: "Procesión" by Jcbarquet

    TUTORIALS - March 7, 2012

    Jcbarquet shares with us a step by step of his work "Procesión", from our last exhibition Twisted Essence, which shows his standard work process. 1. I had an idea that I tried to depict in a few brushstrokes: a group of pilgrims walking towards a huge angel statue. At this point the most important thing, even more than having a concept, was to define where the light was coming from and to establish the general composition. 2. I started playing with the palette. Since it was still an early stage, I changed the composition and decided that the angel needed to be smaller in order to make place for a construction. I also started thinking about perspective. 3. The angel was eliminated, and I added a gate instead. I started adding detail, and at this point it was very important to use a perspective grid and to look for references in order to make the image believable. 4. More detail. At some point I considered making the cupolas reflective to make the focal point stand out, but that idea was soon discarded. 5. I kept adding detail to the construction, always looking at references of baroque architecture, and I made the pilgrims in the foreground considerably bigger; that way, the composition made a diagonal between two points of thirds. I also thought that the perspective should affect the rocky pillars. 6. In the final stages of the painting the only thing left is to add detail for as long as it's necessary -in this case it was many hours-. To make the characters more interesting, I gave them incense burners, and I also added colossal statues near the blue gate. - Click to view final image

  • TUTORIAL Trash Hunters by Dumaker

    TUTORIALS - March 4, 2012

    Twisted Essence, our latest release, has supposed a quality break in our trajectory, because of the premise of working upon a double thematic: The conceptual part about the human nature, and the compositive one, in which no centred compositions would be allowed to make our artists to go outside of their confort zone and challenge themselves. We asked them to resolve their works using the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, having as a result a collection of more than 60 mezmerizing pieces. Dumaker, one of our artists, has created for us a step by step tutorial explaining his work TRASH HUNTERS, for which has applied the rule of thirds. This tutorial will be a short trip through the process of creating one of my images. Sometimes I work in different ways, and this is another one: a method with its advantages and disadvantages, but that I think results in very attractive images, without a huge investment of time. We will also review and use in a practical way one of the composition-wise fundamental premises: the rule of thirds (I will explain later). Let's go! I start with a quick hand made sketch, capture the idea in small format, without detail, it can help us get a clearer view of the composition, the picture elements and even the areas of light and shadow. We can also make little specific studies on some of the elements (the soldier in this case) to have everything clearer: Here, the idea to be depicted is already clear: "The image shows us the product of failed genetic experiments, the deformed children of those men of science bent on being God, who have survived what should have been a sure death in the sewers and sinks of the dehumanized and immense capital. Not only did they not die: they grew, hated, and brooded over their animal revenge... Now it's time to hunt them, to avoid the scandal, protect the powerful... hunt the trash." The rule of thirds. What is that? Well, the so called rule of thirds, is a composition law used in disciplines such as painting, design or photography, that recommends we should split our image in 9 equal parts by the intersection of two horizontal and two vertical lines. At the points where these lines intersect, we should place our hot spots, i.e., subjects or items that we want to emphasize, that it must appeal to the viewer. If our image has only one point of interest, simply place it in any of the four insertion spots, and if there is another one, it is advisable to place each one on a hot spot diagonally opposite. This standard is based on our perception of scenes and objects as the same may gain or lose visual weight, balance or harmony depending on their position practical purposes, is a simple rule that guarantees effective compositions. Of course, not always be followed and will depend on what we put into our image, but it's a basic rule that we must at least know. In my picture, you see, the hot spots correspond to the two protagonists of the scene: the most important, the mutant monster, larger and more threatening and co-star: the soldier, prepared to open ï¬re on the beast. Time to get down to work with the PC. In this case, I start working with the free program Alchemy, which gives me working speed and the ability to easily capture volumes and shapes. Here is a basic line work that later I leave almost transparent as a guide for the rest of the process in this program. This is the picture I get from my work in Alchemy, neither more nor less (shabby, right‘? ;). ls a sketch of volumes that will serve me as a sound basis on which to build the rest of the image based on detail and more detail progressively. In the method l am explaining the work is carried out completely in grayscale, until we get a consistent image and a review of effective black and white, only then we add color. lt is a way of working with a very distinctive ï¬nish, which may not give us a clear and perfectly deï¬ned color with recognizable cromatic brush-strokes, but on the other hand allows us to make rapid changes and create powerful atmospheres easily by layering color and playing with the blending modes of the same. We will see it later on :)! Load the image "made in Alchemy" in Photoshop, the program I will use to complete the picture. With the picture we saw earlier as a basis, it is time to create the different values of light and shadow with stains. As l said earlier, the process of creating the illustration is a sum of layers of detail, more accurate each time, which translates into more recognizable elements. I add textures, highlights and more clearly deï¬ning forms. It is important to occasionally stop and assess the overall image contrast to make corrections. An attractive image, and atmospheric and misterious as this must have points of light and shadow areas, chiaroscuro is everything :). It is also a good time to correct mistakes or improve the composition, the sooner you do, the easier the adaptationwill be. Here l have veriï¬ed that the players are in hot compositional points. lt‘s time to go quietly! I add elements that make it more attractive and give depth to the stage: some chains in the foreground and some pipes... also help to put us in the deep subsurface. The rest of the details will come from the hand of color and postproduction: the grayscale image that will be my base for the rest of the work stays as you see here. This hideous amalgam of colors is a fundamental part of coloring method I'm using on this occasion. More or less (although in different layers, opacities and blend modes) this is the color layer that we will overlay on our base in black and white. The result, with color adjustments and some other hard work of integration we see in the image below. Ta-da! Our monochrome image has some life. Also, as l said, it's time to add details, such as laser beam weapon. Let there be light! The atmosphere is achieved mainly with combinations of light and shadow and color. lt's time to identify the sources and give them the strength they must have, here we try to represent how light works and how it behaves when reï¬ected in different types of objects. Time to start with the special effects. In this case I added a couple of lens flare that previously have prepared and adjusted in After Effects over the original image. We also placed a suffocating fog below and continue detailing: the eye of the beast is a fundamental addition to give it more presence and the dripping saliva gives a fouling touch that every monster should have. Silence on the set! Given the composition and position of the beast, it doesn't look credible that in those filthy sewers there was only a poor soldier and the monster, it was clear that the scene had to be completed by someone else, and what better to add us as viewers in front row to the scene. Nothing easier to create and add a simple interface for recording from any video camera. To make the video image more real I decided to create a humid environment, for it added real drops on the edges of the image, and where there were points of light I created some hexagonal halos. A hazy finish, areas of focus and color adjustments complete the package with extras to create the experience of "being there" more immersive. There is also something important: a change in the composition. To give more dynamism to the scene turned the image, leaving the monster even more above the soldier, and emphasize its menacing presence. This is done without ever losing the rule of thirds, as the protagonists are still at the points of interest: a simple guide in an upper layer can help you be sure if you want to make sure. Following the advice of a colleague, it's time to exaggerate and enhance one of the strong conceptual points of the image: the use of the camera as a window that leads to the front line of action. By post-production I added noise, artifacts and typical elements of the old and faulty recordings, I made the battery nearly run out and included a new laser beam from the gun of a soldier who we cannot see: with this simple element we add another character to the scene making it gain conceptual depth. Thanks to this amount of details the drama of the situation goes up a step, and the creature is more threatening, more out of control, and we, as first hand audience, the more terrified and immersed in the scene. THE END: As you have seen this is a fairly simple process. It is important to know what we want to express, what feelings want to convey and start from a good base. The rule of thirds will help you be guaranteed to be working on an effective composition (although remember that each type of image asks for a different type of composition, the rule of thirds is not a panacea, it is a resource to be considered) and after it is just to fine tune details, adding elements and providing the scene with color and light more appropriate to its nature. It has been a pleasure. Greetings!


    RELEASES - March 1, 2012

    For this release, we wanted to devise the pack using new working methods, so we proposed a dual theme to handicap it and to stimulate the creativity of our artists. In one hand, essence makes reference to the human nature: chaotic, confusing, volatile and full of blendings, from gloom to brightness, from pale to full color... creating a conglomeration of meanings that travel from the grotesque and the cruel to the ironic, going through fantasy or psychedelia. On the other hand, twisted gives that altered, spontaneous, and at times, even macabre connotation that we have focused not only as a conceptual matter, but above all, as a compositive one: You won't see any centred pieces on the canvas. We have been working using alternative composition rules, such as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, to get out the confort zone, and to offer a dynamic, narrative, polished and above all, full of shades visual experience, which accompanied with its eclectic and evocative soundtrack, will guide you through the created worlds of these hysterical imaginations. VIEW EXHIBITION

  • Retrospectiva: A winner and a new giveaway!

    CONTEST - March 1, 2012

    We have a winner of the Shadowness giveaway : Roberta Cavalleri! For those who have missed, you can win another copy of the book just posting telling why you´d like to win here

  • Introduction to "HM9:TWISTED ESSENCE"

    PRESS - February 29, 2012

    Essence: f. Needed and indispensable characteristics for something to be what it is. Hysterical Minds is proud to announce to the world its ninth pack: “Twisted Essence”. We can just count the time in hours for this pack to be released, so we are going to start burning the engine! What were our pretensions? After the great results of our previous release, “Shadowness”, we wanted our artists to go further, so we asked him to go one step forward: For the first time in this collective, we presented a dual pack: there was a conceptual requisite, as it usually is, but also there was a list of compositive requeriments that no one was expecting for. "The double theme was something new for me, and I tried to take it seriously for the work I was going to submit. The conceptual part, the human essence, was interpreted as the human need to believe in something bigger than them; the technical part was solved using the rule of thirds and perspective. I think this one was such a challenge and took more time than expected, but eventually that helped me out to create one of the best pieces I have developed so far." Juan Carlos Barquet (JcBarquet). In one hand, almost complete freedom to create a conceptual premise, the twisted essence of the homo sapiens, from all of its prisms and interpretations... but in the other hand, no centred compositions would be allowed, so our artists would have to limit themselves to use compositive rules, such as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, but also getting through foreshortenings or impossible perspectives: but nothing at all about working on their comfort zone, as we know it. "Exhibition after exhibition, I think that the evolution of each artist in the collective has been constant in terms of challenging themselves regarding to creativity and skills, depending on the proposed themes. This time, we have needed to search in our brains to plan and create a piece outside of our comfort zone, and the results can be seen with a naked eye." Martin Thompson (Bolverk). And even more: after a release such as “Shadowness” we knew we had to increase the standard quality level. At the end, we wanted to exploit our chances as much as we could, having the handicap, also, of creating at the same time parallel projects, that are slowly seeing the light, such as our recently released book "Retrospectiva". The creation proccess has been fussed over, and the collaboration between artists has been crucial, having as a result creations done at their best of capabilites, thanks to the grupal thinking and feedback as well as the mutual help. The result is a release that only shows the germ of what's to come. "When I read the theme and requisites of this pack for the first time, I decided to challenge myself. You can say that this has been one of the most headaching illustrations I have ever done due to the perspective you can find on it. It's been an experience that has helped me a lot, thanks to my collective mates, who have helped me to improve a lot with their feedback. I have to say that I was one of the very first one to start collaborating with this collective, and I have to say that this place has grown up a lot... it's actually spectacular." Joshua Cairos (Oscuro). So, who could be better that our own artists to talk about a release such as "Twisted Essence"? We have been talking with them and they have told us their impressions about the proposed theme for this pack, how they have dealt with it and how they have resolved their images (sometimes, in multiple times). “Personally, this pack has been such a challenge for me, because the proposed theme is so deep, and every artist has a different point of view when it comes to represent the human essence. In my artwork I did it taking in mind life experiences that makes us to take different paths in life, for better but also for worse, like the solitude that everyone experiences at many points of their lifes, and that helps them to deal with certain obstacles. We all need a time to reflect, to meditate, or just to do what we want with no more people interfering around.” Raynner Gil. Luckily, the initial surprise (and confusion for some) became a challenging curiosity that everyone took with great passion and creativity. We have seen borning pieces that go from twisted love relationships through wars, religious conflicts, psychotropic travels and fictional, surreal and dark metaphors that depict to perfection what we wanted to portray: “To have worked on this pack was so inspiring from the very beginning, because the theme had so much possibilities to work on, so much, that at times, I was lost in between the giant brainstorming I had. Anyway, I decided to choose one of those ideas and work on it until I could see it finished. I decided to work on a religious theme because I wanted to add a sinister and sick touch to my piece.” Pablo Lizardi (Plizardi). But, how did our veteran artists face this theme? Would it be for them a challenge to get out of their comfort zone, or would they surprise us showing their compositive knowledge? "I found the theme very interesting, less simple and hence more stimulating. On the compositive area, I was inspired by "The flagellation of Christ" by Piero della Francesca, dividing the scene according to the golden ratio. The use of the frontal point of view obbeys to my need of no dramatizing the piece: for me, communication comes form the eyes, all what I want to portray is in my characters' eyes, who have to get into the sight of the people who are looking at them. The girl's sight begs for "forget me... forget me at once". I think that's so twisted. In Italy, to have a cricket on the head means to have thoughs that are disturbing you... the girl thinks that her discomfort comes from the cricket, but in fact, it's herself who's addicted to her thoughs and she's unable to let them go." Italia Ruotolo. "I liked the theme of this pack from the beginning, both from the conceptual part and also for the compositive one as well. I felt so comfortable with the technical area, decentering the composition: using classical rules is something I do quite often. The other part was a bit more difficult, but more educational. Collective mates liked the idea of my piece, but they also pushed me to go to places I didn't expect to go. I introduced my idea to them, and they were like "it's good, but you can improve if you change this or that", and that was the good part. I like way more what my piece became that what I had in mind at first. That's one of the biggest advantages of working with more artists, even more if they're more experienced than you: help and criticism are fundamental." Antonio Cano. But also, we had new artists on board, and maybe, due to what they might think about the collective at first, they were surprised when they noticed the new theme for this release: "Being the first pack I work in, Twisted Essence was an idea that attracted me specially because it joins technical and conceptual inspiration, and challenged me to add a deeper value to my pieces by combining both premises. I was so inspired when I saw everybody taking different paths and such a variety of mediums to represent this proposal, so that pushed me to take certain risks and new ways to create my own images. To get out of compositive habits, take new ways to create images and to focus on points of view, and to link all of it with our twisted ideas, had made of this pack something truly special." Marcela Bolívar. "This is the second exhibit in which I take part, and at the beginning, I had some problems to face the proposed theme. Freedom was almost total and even if this sounds contradictory, that freedom made me doubt and to be unsure about the ideas of my submitted pieces. I had no problem at all with the compositive requeriments, but I wanted to take risks in two things: to create the first cinemagraphs of the collective and to create a piece with a color palette that otherwise I would have never used. The cinemagraphs were a challenge for me, because they are just photos with movement, but I'm completely alien to the photography world. It's been a real discovery and I have enjoyed a lot planning and creating these works (with the help of my girl, I must admit). I have also had the chance to prepare a tutorial of one of my illustrations for the pack and to collaborate with Bolverk in his first ever cinemagraph. At the end, it's been a very profitable pack and a great experience!" Dumaker. As you can se, if our artists are so satisfied with the results... Do you think that you are going to be able to flee from the charm of this artistic collection? So the introduction of "Twisted Essence" comes to an end here. It's time to enjoy the marvellous work our artists have produced, which doesn't need any kind of introductions or explanations: a wide angle of shapes, colours, sensations and emotions, of which we are pretty sure that won't leave you indifferent, and, why not, will make you reflect about the essence of human nature. I really hope that your minds end up being as twisted as ours after watching this exhibition. Thank you very much to everyone, to our artists and to you, our audience. And get ready, because this is just an appetizer! Just in a while, "Twisted Essence" will make its triunphant presentation. So, don't you say that you haven't been warned! Mario S. Nevado. Hysterical Minds Art Director. PUBLIC APERTURE 1ST-MARCH-2012 22:00gmt

  • Win a free copy of RETROSPECTIVA!

    PRESS - February 28, 2012

    Shadowness is giving away a free copy of our new art book RETROSPECTIVA. To participate, simply write a comment here telling us why you'd like to win. A random winner will be picked!

  • RETROSPECTIVA, the book

    PRESS - February 21, 2012

    Hysterical Minds presents our first printed work: RETROSPECTIVA, a meticulous sample of our first years together that represents the beginning of a new stage of growth not only for the group but for our artists, too. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this material we put at your disposal and that you will be able to purchase it here. Hysteria has just begun.

  • DUMAKER winner of SPWC

    CONTEST - February 19, 2012

    After a tough competition, we finally have the winner of the tournament, DUMAKER, who shall hold the title of world champion speed painting. Think you can beat him? Challenge him, and try to snatch the belt! Congratulations to JC Barquet for 2nd place and the other competitors, It has been a pleasure to see you all in action!

  • Interview to Sebastian Cabrol

    INTERVIEW - February 11, 2012

    Today we have an impressive illustrator and comic artist, his talent is huge, his name: Sebastian Cabrol. His speciality is comic although he is an accomplished illustrator, and it is a pleasure to have him here today. Let's begin with the interview. How were your beginnings in the art world? Like everything, it started when I was little, drawing with my brothers or in school; naturally, we knew the comic books that were in our country, as well as the superhero comic, a publishing house called Columba, that would publish a huge amount of books for mass consumption in all kinds of genre; they were very popular and I grew up reading authors like Robin Wood, Lucho Olivera and loads more that were actually great artists involved with "romantic", and plainly, adventure stories. Of course I also read Skorpio and sometimes Fierro, addressed to an older audience. That world (and the animation one, amongst which Robotech was renowed) ended up making me interested in depicting that which impressed me in those drawings, be it copying straight from the pages or trying to represent what I had just seen in the cinema a while back. Name your favourite amongst your works. That's hard to say. It happens that I have a favourite within that line of my, personal, and another one that I like the same for technical reasons, or because it came out the way I intended it to. But joining both views, I would say it is "Mascarada" a drawing made with ink wash, colored digitally. How do you see the work situation for illustrators in your country? If I say just from my own experience, I would say it's a hard one, strenuous. You have to insist all the time and not expect work offers to rain every day. It is common to see very talented illustrators complain of the lack of "constant" work in their facebook profiles, or any other social network. On the other hand, I see a lot of artists that are starting out, and also a wide range of publishing opportunities for the growing amount of Argentinean artists. The key is to enter the publishing circuit. As an illustrator tell us what you are looking for in your art. Basically, I try to satisfy a personal wish, to depict freely and without censorship that which sthetically attracts me. That elusive feeling when we were children looking at something that impressed us, that showed us something different (maybe the artists view). We are all exposed to the dangers of reproducing certain kind of look in series, generic, that comes by default in mass products, the challenge to go further, and see what is your view, which is what we have to offer different, even if that difference is subtle. Seeing my drawings retrospectively, I would say there is a balance between two forces: classical representation, based on illustration and comics, and some tendency to surrealism or irrationality as a source for disturbing situations. Lately I am paying a attention to the narrative mechanisms of classic horror, but always passing it through my own sieve. How long could it take you to make one of your best works? It depends of how complex it is. In general, a simple illustration, even if I work on A3 size or bigger, it's always easier that a comic page, at least in the level of complexity that I manage. I have made drawings in an evening, and others have taken me weeks. Also I noticed that each time I am less patient to get a drawing finished (patience that was in a way insecurity and fear of ruining the drawing with a bad mark) and in some cases, as with digital drawing, i try to finish in the moment, even if it takes me two or three hours non-stop. Tell us a bit about your work, what progranms you use and why, which ones are more convenient in each moment to produce your pieces. In the beginning i used Photoshop, but only to color drawings previously inked. I used to do it with the mouse, taking an effort that i wouldn’t do today, but then seemed like an exciting opportunity, you could color without a tablet! In the sense, Photoshop is strong and some people have made incredible works with the mouse (see Scuzzo, for example). At the same time (2009) more or less I learn about Corel painter and it seemed very interesting. Since I started using a graphics tablet i investigated the numerous amount of software for artists and image editors, trying many and seeing which ones were more aproppiate from my way of work. Nowadays i use a series of programs in tandem (sacrilege!) as i am not so expert as to do everything just in one. For inking, when I decide to do it digitally, i use mostly AzDrawing 2.02, a free japanese program focused on sketching and inking. This program takes great advantage of the tablets sensibility, moulding the line just as if we were using pens or brushes, something that Photoshop doesn’t do. Try and compare. Thus way I can emulate traditional inking and achieve results identical to my usual way of inking that is sometimes problematic. For coloring, my personal option is Paint tool SAI, which is although quite limited, and very few brushes, it’s very modifiable and gives an appearance that has nothing to envy of Painter, and above all it doesn’t freeze or delays when working on big canvases. This program shares with Azdrawing a very dificult parametre of estabilisation that interprets you marks and stylize them, in case your your hand is not too firm. I use these programs, but Photoshop is always there. We would like you to tell us some trick or advice for those starting out. This is general, and should not be taken as an expert’s word: ALWAYS make sketches, layouts, however you call it. When facing a drawing, it is essential to know what is it what we want to draw, size and proportion, how it will be placed in the page, the lighting, etc. For this you have to draw a thumbnail, a rough shape of the great drawing we want to make, as we would see in the opposite path, beyond our window. Above all it is not alowed to think “ah, samll and blurry is easy. Now, how do I draw it?” that’s another story, what matters it that IDEA you had; don’t bury it with your limitations; there is always time to study perspective and anatomy. The idea comes first, and if you drew it, half your work is already done. And for the more advanced, do you have some tip? Honestly, no. I’m not very methodical and probably I never face a drawing the same way i did with the last, so it varies. Also what is advanced for me can be amateur for others. About the future, do you have anything planned? To work from drawing. And that such work gives me the opportunity to explore the posiblities of a style. So it’s not merely work. Tell us about comics, and why you chose that field. As I said, comics have always been part of my life. I guess i’m interested in telling a story. Comis is funtamentally narrative. To draw perfectly goes to a second plane. I still have a lot to learn in that sense; and you only learn planning, sketching, seeing the finished sequences. There is a negative side about comics, and that is repetition, i mena you usually draw the same character in different poses and situations, which can beacome tedious to it’s creator, beacuse, by nature, the artist needs to draw different things. In your case, what do you do to overcome this? I still try not to let that matter, that it can be tedious and the reason why it’s hard to keep the same level in every panel. A comic page is not a drawing, it’s 4, 6 or 10. Every drawing has repetitions, but also different placements, their own perspective, lighting, etc. To use well the reduced space is also a challenge; by instinct we tend to fill the whole page, but if we think about it a bit more, it seems that giving it more air, the general composition looks more interesting. Your illustrations are very dark, how do you move in that field? Why does it call you attention? I would say that fundamentally what interests me is the fantastic. I think that the fantastic, if for a second we admit that the supernatural exists outside the imagination, it has its own laws and those are not comprehensible. I tend to think that the irreal and the strange comes out to get us lost; it’s an intense manifestation of fears that are harmful. How could it do us any good? So, to represent it is a way of taming something dark in essence. Then it’s the issue of obsessions; without being too seroius, sometimes images appear to haunt us, and even if we don’t understand them, it’s necesary to make them clear, sort them. The fact that they are not rational doesn’t make them less improtant. And about darkness, I thing the fantastic genre has reached it’s highest peaks while fantasy is not benevolent, and complex human perversion finds its equivalent in a monstruosity that desecrates the matter and the spirit (what a sentence). Otherwise we are in front of a fairy tale, that if it lacks depth, it seems naive and uninteresting. That said, I don’t deny fantasy work that has no horror or evil as a main subject; certain fables and religious traditions in the world are most beautiful, and have nothing apparently sinister dominating the atmosphere. How ling can it take you to make a comic page, or the whole comic? Ideal for me would be to work a day for pencils and a day for inking. I have done it sometimes, usually when there was a deadline to meet. The whole comic can take more than that squence: pencil, ink. Often you have to make changes, corrections. Not to say if pages have to be lettered or coloured. In the american industry it’s known its method based in fordism, task division. As many people are assigned to do the work as tasks there are, and the mechanism starts rolling: one artist does pencil, and gives it to the inker, as he carries on with the next. The inker finishes his, and it’s time for the colorer to add his art. Then comes the lettering, and so on until the 22 or 24 pages are complete. The speed at wich they finish projects is impressive. They say that in five million years there won’t be any of todays art left. What do you think of that? Your work, and that of the great masters, will be extinguished, forgotten and destroyed. Or you think not? What do you think of arts inmortality... Do you think it exists? Or everything has a expiry date? Five million years is a huge amount of time, that in a human time scale has never been experienced since we are thinking beings. It’s probably there won’t be anything left, nor culture, nor humanity. I don’t think an artist creates to survive infinitely. Art is a way of communication in part (mainly) attached to the culture in which it is created. We only know and are identified with tragedies that are not older than 2500 years. I don’t know, I think at an experience level, artwork in general ages quickly; just a handful of the massive amount of artistic creations will be remembered in a near future. In the past there surely had been fewer artists; writers, musicians and actors. Nowdays we could think quantitatively (according to positivism) that there are more technical and educational means so more Leonardos and super genius appear. Today’s obsession with speed and the immediate new causes that, if there are geniuses, there may be diluted in the constant information tide. If there would be a world cataclysm and you would have the posibity to start again in another planet, scaping in a mothership, tell us 3 artworks that you would put in the ship to save them? Very hard question. First, I would have to be an art expert to answer, and not just that, I would need to know the 90% of art produced by humanity. But trimming ignorance, and from personal taste, i would take: -Garden of earthly delights, Bosch -The birth of Venus, Boticelli -Danae, Klimt It could have been others, but wurely others will save the Gioconda, David, etc. Thank you, Maestro, for this fantastic interview. It’s been an honor to have you in Hysterical Minds. Would you like to tell us one last thing? Just to thank you for this interview, David. And for introduving me to Hysterical Minds. King regards to everyone.


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    We are going to interview some of our artists, and who better to start that Dumaker. He joined our family last pack and he made 3 awesome works. I can say that his work for the upcoming pack is stunning and well, you wi'll see, meanwhile, check this awesome talk we had with him: Question: Dumaker (Moisés), first of all, thank you for taking this interview. To begin, how would you describe your style of work? Answer: First, I’m deeply grateful that you’ve had the strange idea of this series of interviews starting with me. This is going to be fun… and hard. It’s hard for me to talk about myself or my work. And it’s not false modesty or anything of the kind - it’s just a consequence of not taking myself too seriously. I do what I like, and I don’t even do it especially well, so… Pipe in hand, I take the interesting illustrator’s pose. Let’s go! My work? Well, it’s enough to see a sample of my illustrations to realise (I just did it) that, for the most part, darkness prevails, the gloomy, the strange… So, I imagine my work is undoubtedly characterized by being dense and sinister, though with a few drops of healthy irony. Also, I try to make the atmosphere stand out from the rest, always looking for an ambient with character. So the spectator lets their imagination fly and feel they are there for an instant. Q: I have seen your portfolio and it’s very impressive. How do you imagine those characters? Do you get the inspiration from your own life experiences, or is it simply from imagination? A: It would be impossible, at least for me, to have created all those illustrations without having gone out to wander around on the streets, without having experienced in my own flesh things I lived, without experimenting or having met whom I’ve met… without failing and succeeding in real life. Every moment counts, every memory is ammunition for the next illustration. Imagination is important, but more like a being that creates from nothing. I see it rather as a filter transforming the things that are there. Imagination deforms, enriches and twists realities I have lived. Q: You illustrations usually have a touch of irony and humour. What are you trying to express with it? A: It’s true, but also is that I don’t ponder things much… Nor before or after I put my hand to work. I guess I don’t want to express anything in particular, but that ironic vision, that conceptual counterpart is the consequence of my way of seeing things. I don’t take seriously many things, so in my work I try not to let myself be taken by solemnity, the drama and the epic of a subject, and always keep a card up my sleeve to make something different from it. Take the drama away. With such dense illustrations like a bitter poisonous puree, it’s always fun to add some salt and spice to the mix. Q: And focusing on the professional side of your work, what are your nearest goals right now? Are you content with your progress so far as a professional artist? A: Nice way to bring me down to earth… I was starting to go up in the clouds. Well, in a situation like the current one, where the worm-eaten foundations of the system start to crack, work in the future is uncertain, for everyone. Culture, art, design, … they are a basic pillar of a society (or it should be) until food starts lacking. In an ideal world, my next goal is to carry on evolving as a designer and as an illustrator, although both are two sides (and there are many more) of creativity. So, no doubt, the professional is a reflection of the personal in that sense: to keep on growing and learning. In the real world, to survive. Regarding my evolution, it’s complex. I think I could be much better than I am, but in order to get there I am convinced I would have had to sacrifice many things that, in the other hand, have made me and taken me where I am. I don’t regret it. I have had ups and downs and times when I haven’t touched a pencil… due to lack of time, inspiration or motivation. I’m trying to recover some of that time and evolve towards something better. Q: At this time and age, facing various economic crisis, almost all market sectors have become more demanding and competitive in all aspects. Do you think at this point is still possible to think of art as a way of life, or is it more an utopia than anything else?, A: In part I was replying to the crisis topic, or better be said, The Crisis, in my earlier response: I believe the situation will get worse, and perhaps where are in front of another great empire falling, a mistaken way of conceiving life. Art also feeds from social convulsions, of people’s rage and takes part on the reconstruction and birth of the new social forms. It’s united to the human spirit, and as such there’s no fear for it to disappear. Ever. But it will go hand in hand with the naked man and not the institutions, corporations or governments. It will not go hand in hand with subventions, but with the need to create and commitment. In the other hand, perhaps today it’s complicated to have a romantic vision of the artist. Someone who keeps his work unaffected by pressures, someone who only creates moved by his own will, without prostituting his talent, is… that rally is an utopia reserved for just a few. The rest of us must make of art a way of life combining it with a much more mundane and grey aspect: create to eat, design by menu, paint by request… to put our hands and talent at the service of companies. Q: With respect to your artworks, we have seen many, some good and others very good, but, Do you think your best work has been done or is it yet to come? A: How crazy! Of course, my best work is yet to come! If at the age of 28 I thought that I already have in my portfolio my best piece, I would have a serious problem. I still have loads to learn and every damn day you came across something new, something useful. Yes, it is yet to come. Q: At what point and for what reasons did you decide to enter the design and illustration world? A: Of course, you don’t go walking down the street one day without direction and the St Mother of graphic design and illustration dazzles you… it’s a process that makes you take a definite path from and early age. In my case, since childhood I already filled huge amounts of paper with drawings and drawings… Then you realize that you have something, even if it’s not shockingly important, that distinguishes you from the rest (and not only self-decorated notepads “horror vacui”). This makes you take academic and personal paths that end up one day culminating in your professionalization. , It’s the result of: a family that allows, puts up with, and supports you; teachers that have motivated you; people that inspires you and help you dream; people that give you opportunities. Q: How does a day go by for Dumaker? A: By now, a normal working day is nothing exciting nor worth mentioning, so I will go back in time to when I studied graphic design, and I will tell you briefly how it was. My day started at about 15:00, when I woke up, sleepy and disoriented in my huge double bed, product of having won draw for that room with my housemates. I would eat what I found and then, I’d realise lessons had started 40 minutes ago. The days I could I would assist lessons happily, and the ones I couldn’t I would employ them in living. The interesting bit was at night (the ones fruitful artistically speaking). At about 11 I would lock myself up in my room, and hours would pass in an almost sick way, with no specific referents or schedules… just the silence and the will to work. A strange happiness and the feeling, when going to sleep around 7:30 in the morning, of not being able to spend any better a night of my life. Q: In your works we see all kinds of characters, but rarely repeat themselves. Have you thought of creating a base character to whom different adventures and situations may occur, like other artists do? A: Interesting… those type of things never come to my mind. The truth is that few times (probably never) my illustrations have any real continuity. The theme has continuity, but not to the point of having a fetish creation to which give new opportunities. Although, now that I think of it, there is a favourite character that I have repeated: death. Q: If you were not an illustrator. What else would you like to do? A: Fortunately I already do it: to design. Although as I said, both are facets of something hardly destructible that is the motor that pushes me to create. And if I hadn’t got the luck of being creative in that sense, I would like to have had a strange punk bunk, eclectic and accelerated with which to travel the whole world, yuhhuhuu. Q: Could you describe, in basic steps, how is the creation of a piece of Dumaker, how it starts and how it reaches our screens? A: In that sense I don’t always prepare my works in the same manner, although it’s natural that before, on paper, I sketch the general composition and look for the most attractive. I also prepare brief anatomic studies if the work is requiring a figure. I make views in detail of certain parts. But nothing too elaborated. I don’t leave too much time there (that unfortunately then influences the final quality of the work). Then I put hands to works with the tablet, and try capture that composition with rough strokes. From there the process is a common one: keep detailing from the general to the particular, working the colour and giving the picture the desired atmosphere. Other times I start with a scanned drawing used as a base, and many others I start from scratch doing quick digital sketches. Q: What is the most fun in Dumaker’s life? And what bores you the most? A: Really the great majority of my days are fun, I think because I have learn to squeeze to the extreme small daily things. I can’t travel much, but I have a worryingly vivid imagination. I haven’t got much money, but I have a girl and a white cat by my side that make it not be necessary. Neither I have great plans in my hands, but every weekend I have a laugh with my people, who I really love, that I wouldn’t change for anything. Also I try to take each day, in my work, as and opportunity to improve, learn and have a good time. About getting bored, I’m always bury always doing something. Fuck, I don’t get bored! Q: We could see in your portfolio more focused to design all kinds of works. Can you comment how is it, for example, to work with publishers, for everyone that is starting in this kind of work. A: My first work with a publishing company was the creation of illustrated books, almost like a comics, for young audiences. In them the pupil would learn to play the guitar. It was fun, stressing, incredible to see them published and didn’t make me rich. Also it was the mandatory creative step from creating foul corpses full of worms to create an always smiling group of carefree children from good families. My experience with publishers is very limited. It has short deadlines, huge amounts of work, demented corrections at the last minute and a contract. I would say that, surely, prepare yourself for a night life. Q: What are your main references when illustrating? A: The subject of my referents always leaves me out. I’d love to give a list, alphabetically ordered, of those artists that I admire and that inspire me. I have never idolised any artist, nor follow their career or know all of their work. This, that sounds like “I’m cool, go my way, have no idols, I’m self-taught and use glasses without glasses” is really the complete opposite. I can’t stop being amazed by work of many people… I hallucinate and my pulse accelerates when I see works from great classics, I see Goya and become white. But also happens with the portfolios of great comic artists, of many current "concept artist", and with the works of the mythical fantasy illustrators. With landscape painters, 3D creators, anonymous web designers, interface creators, animators… Also with my fellow members in the collective! I am moved with almost any work sufficiently good from anyone but, for lack of memory, or the effort it takes, I am unable to be loyal to an specific artist, or feel that one has influenced determinately. Q: At what age did you start to get interested in art? How was that “first time” of satisfaction when making an artwork? A: As I said before, it’s something that is always there, naturally… it’s part of me and I cant conceive my life without always playing with a pencil, imagining illustrations, or daydreaming. Regarding that first time, I remember it. It was shortly after buying my first graphic tablet, the smallest and cheapest Wacom there was. A bluish "Graphire", I think. Must have been the year 98 more or less. I was at that time crazy about fantasy illustration: orcs, monsters, dwarfs, and lots of rusty steel. I knew of my limitations and made an effort. So I believe I finished a work in colour that summer, don’t remember which one exactly, but I do remember the thrill and excitement I felt when I saw it finished. The finishing was the most professional I had done to date, it had good colours, a nice landscape, characters and a bit of action. So I stared at it and felt I had gone up a step. There still were, and are, many others to climb ~:) Q: How did you discover Hysterical Minds and how do you see it from inside? A: Martín de Diego (--M--) I the one to blame. He is an artist (fucking good and excellent critic) whom I know long time ago from DeviantArt. It was him who commented me a while ago if I was interested in joining, but it really seem like a far away idea of a collective and all that he told me went on inside. I didn’t have much time and I always found it hard to get in touch with other people, even virtually. I’m an antisocial rat hahaha However, months ago I found myself suddenly with more time to waste, and I thought that was the moment and the place. And also thanks to the accelerated course on "" given by Liransz, I ended up integrating in the collective. It’s the first time I am in one, or in something remotely similar. And it seems to me fucking good however you look at it. It’s great. It is an extra motivation, a way of meeting people, to help and being helped, to improve, and to get a greater presence and grow as an artist. It could hardly be any better. Q: I had the chance to see you portfolio and it’s incredible. How long did it take you to build it up if we talk about the hands-on illustration work? A: was a project that I undertook from an imperative need of finding work. Its important to look at it that way, and at that time I needed that virtual arsenal to complement my curriculum. The truth is it took me a long time: to design the web, compile old works, programming it… above all programming. It was a bit overwhelming (I didn’t know to what extent I work surrounded by PHP, XHTML, CSS and ActionScript 3 gurus) I’m talking of months of intense work. Interestingly, now I am again projecting my website. It will be less personal and more professional. Better focused. And it’s not going to be me who programs it, so I can fully concentrate on design. I hope to have it ready soon ~:) Q: To finish, thank you very much once again for having given us this interview and I ask you for some words to all our users who are starting or have been in this for a while. Would would you recommend them? A: I insist, thank you for providing me with this curious, almost psychotropic experience: I am here, cup of tea in my hand, a sunny Saturday morning, talking non-stop about myself… Yesterday I went out and I’m afraid I haven’t been my best, but it has been fun. My recommendation? Simple… to always enjoy with what you do, to learn with each job, whether it’s a fascinating creative project or a boring commission. To make an effort. And above all, to live. To touch reality, be part of the change, enrich as a person, and then, reflect it in our artworks. Only then they will have a soul. Regards!

  • 7th Deathmatch - Rodney Gee vs Guille Mendoza

    CONTEST - October 28, 2011

    Faqs and how to join: THEME: LIGHT AND SHADOW Rodney Gee Guille mendoza 1 Guille Mendoza 2 âAND THE WINNER IS: RODNEY GEE

  • "FOTOCAMINO, Photographic Journal for the road " by Andrea Melendez

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 27, 2011

    Andrea Melendez starts her new project called Fotocamino , as she says " Its a way of keeping in contact with the photography, even though i have no time.". It's about " making photographs regularly during the day while i walk from one place to another" Using brilliantly her mobile phone's cam , she shares a group of pics taken in an agile way and without pressure " Distorted , embittered, twisted , horrified , sublimated ... in a grayscale, like life " Its more than worth to follow this sequence of images , that in her own point of view, brings us. You can follow at : FOTOCAMINO by Andrea Melendez

  • Obsessive beat by Xposion wallpaper and print

    WALLPAPERS - October 27, 2011

    Jose D. Rodriguez alias "Xposion" shares with us this unpublished wallpaper, exclusive for Hysterical Minds. You can find this artwork in the HM STORE as a print and Iphone 4 Case. Check out HERE To download the wallpaper click on the preview.

  • 6th speed painting death match - Not1me vs Liransz 22:00 hr GMT+1

    CONTEST - October 26, 2011

    Faqs and how to join: THEME: MAGIC Not1me Liransz - The video is not working. Here is the final jpg instead. THE WINNER IS: NOT1ME

  • 5th speed painting death match - J. C. Barquet vs Raynner Gil

    CONTEST - October 22, 2011

    Faqs and how to join: THEME: METAL GEARS Juan Carlos Barquet Raynner Gil DRAW

  • 4th speed painting death match - Tomas Diaz vs VZ

    CONTEST - October 19, 2011

    Faqs and how to join: THEME: Metamorphosis MATCH OVER Tomas Diaz VZ AND THE WINNER IS VZ

  • 3rd speed painting death match - Patxinaki VS Dumaker

    CONTEST - October 16, 2011

    More information about the events: THEME: SOFT METAL CORE FINISHED MATCH Ruben Pomares (Patxinaki) Dumaker AND TE WINNER IS DUMAKER

  • VZ vs DRAUGTH - Not qualifying - Livestream speed painting deathmatch

    ACTIVITY - October 15, 2011

    More information about the events: MATCH OUT OF CONTEST THEME: UNDERWATER LIFE FINISHED MATCH Draught ended much before time limit cause he experienced a serious problem with the hardware. Alejandro Ospina ( Draugth) VZ

  • 2nd death match - Joshua Cairos (oscuro) vs Alejandro Ospina (Draugth)

    CONTEST - October 15, 2011

    More information about the events: THEME: FUTURE FINISHED MATCH Alejandro Ospina ( Draugth) Joshua Cairos (Oscuro) AND THE WINNER IS JOSHUA CAIROS (OSCURO)

  • 1th death match - Antonio Collado vs Antonio Cano

    CONTEST - October 15, 2011


  • Histerical Minds Tournament - Speed Painting World Championship

    CONTEST - October 15, 2011

    HYSTERICAL MINDS TOURNAMENT Speed Painting World Championship Digital painters from around the world will contest for the Speed Painting World Champion title in this Hysterical Minds’ tournament. Any contestant from any country and language will be welcome. To take part just send an e-mail to with the subject “SPWC”, letting us know you want to take part and your details: name, e-mail address, nationality and portfolio, and time frame (expressed in GMT time) when they are available to compete. Contestants will be grouped in couples, a date and time will be agreed and will compete against each other so one of them will be eliminated as the other one goes through to the next round. Fights will be one hour long, before which a subject will be asigned for them to produce a painting in any way they choose. These competitions will take place through Livestreaming and amissions from both contestants will be reproduced simultaneously in an activity page (as this one), created to that effect, in other to make an easier judgement as to who the winner is. Once the introductory round finishes, a second classificatory one will begin, or quarter finals, semifinals and final, after which the winner wil get a champion belt (this is a matter of prestige rather than money) an icon that only champions and ex-champions recognised in the official list will be allowed to use and exhibit it in any portfolio, webpage or blog, as a prize in recognition for the talent of the chapiom. In the introductory round the decision will be made by a designated jury, and in following rounds it will be made by popular vote. In both cases the assessing criteria will be: - composition - colour - morphology (shape reliability, or drawing, as many paint stains rather than draw) - concept - finishing - if finished in time The first contestants are: - Oscuro - Draught - Jc barquet - Raynner gil - Acollado - Cano - Dumaker - Patxinaki - VZ - Tomas Diaz - Not1me - Liransz - Rodney Gee - Guillermo Mendoza Fights and schedule: 1st Death match - Acollado vs Cano - 2nd Death match - Oscuro vs Draught - 3rd Death match - Dumaker vs Patxinaki - 4th Deathmatch - Tomas Diaz vs VZ - 5th Death match - Jc barquet vs Raynner gil - 6th Death match - Liransz vs Not1me - 7th Deathmatch - Rodney Gee vs Guille Mendoza - Participation is closed until the next championship edition.

  • "Caged" Wallpaper by Lucirgo

    WALLPAPERS - October 13, 2011

    Eduardo Santana alias "Lucirgo" shares with us this unpublished wallpaper. Click on the preview below to download it.

  • Santiago Caruso in aztec lands

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 13, 2011

    Santiago Caruso will start soon a trip through Mexico among some different events as: - A phisical exhibition of 20 of his works at Guanajuato in relation with the "Day of the dead" from November 1 until December 1 at Museo Dieguino - A masterclass about visual lenguage also at Guanajuato - From November 9 until 11 will be teaching an illustration masterclass at Mexico University at Mexico D.F. - From November 14 until 17 will teach the same masterclass at FILIJ - From November 20 until 24 the same masterclass at Arts University in Oaxaca. - Finally he will go to FILUSTRA in Guadalajara. More information here

  • Nightmare Print in the HM STORE

    PRESS - October 13, 2011

    Our HM STORE has been updated with this Poster of Nightmare by Liransz. Check out HERE To see all products of Hysterical Minds click HERE

  • Virtual life drawing session results

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 12, 2011

    We anounced a "virtual life drawing session" managed by Antonio Collado for the last friday, unfortunately we experienced small issue that day and the web was down. The activity was executed anyway, but maybe with a small number of participants due to the web issue. There was few people drawing but at the end only Antonio Collado and Antonio Rodriguez Cano shared their results with us and here they are. We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused by the web issue and be sure that next time will be better. To know the rules of the activity just check the previous notice about it. References: Antonio Collado Antonio Rodriguez Cano

  • Santiago Caruso interviewed at "N-SPHERE" Magazine

    INTERVIEW - October 12, 2011

    Santiago Caruso was interviewed in the last issue of the "N-SPHERE" online magazine. Click HERE to have a look at his interview and his allways amazing art.


    PRESS - October 10, 2011

    Our HM STORE has been updated with this Poster made for DACS United Episodes by Martin de Diego Sadaba and Liransz. Check out HERE To see all products of Hysterical Minds click HERE

  • STEP BY STEP of "El guardián de los pasillos" by Dumaker

    TUTORIALS - October 9, 2011

    Dumaker shares with us a quick step by step of his work "El guardián de los pasillos" that depicts perfectly his work process. Click on the preview below if you want to see the full size pic.

  • "Inner Battle" Wallpaper by Noem9

    WALLPAPERS - October 9, 2011

    Jose A. Garrido alias Noem9 shares with us this unpublished wallpaper. Click on the preview below to download it.

  • New poster added to HM STORE

    PRESS - October 8, 2011

    Our HM STORE has been updated with this Poster and Ipad Case of Technification by Martin de Diego Sadaba and Liransz. Check out HERE To see all products of Hysterical Minds click HERE

  • "Hellfire" selected as Daily Deviation

    PRESS - October 7, 2011

    We are glad to congratulate our artist Schiszophrenia who has been awarded in DeviantART with a Daily Deviation in his submission for HM8:SHADOWNESS, "Hellfire".

  • Virtual life drawing session

    LIVE PRACTICE - October 6, 2011

    Next Friday at 8:00 UK time, a life drawing session will take place through livestream for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Five images of a naked female model will be broadcasted. With each change of pose, links to those images will be provided through the chat of live stream, in order to see them in a higher resolution. Sketches made from these references will be shown at HM If you would like to take part, you can send your drawings to just leave your name, nick, portfolio and email. Activity developed by Antonio Collado.

  • Via Vitae Tutorial by J.C. Barquet

    TUTORIALS - October 5, 2011

    Juan Carlos Barquet shows us how he developed his amazing piece "Via Vitae" in few explained steps. 1º Initial sketch; at this point, the composition varies a lot. 2º I start experimenting with the idea of the skull, and I'm still playing with the general composition. 3º The elements have been established. I enhance the colors and roughly begin refining the shapes. 4º The stairs are important, so I plan them more carefully. I also use textures for the rocks and clean up the image. 5º A dramatic atmosphere is created by changing the colors. I also change the skull: as the focal point, it has to look good. 6º I avoid monotony through color variation, correct the skull's shape and take my time with the final details. Click HERE to see the full view piece.

  • "Slivoide" New work by Martin de Diego.

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 5, 2011

    Martin de Diego Sádaba submits a new work. "Slivoid" is a band logo commission. Click on the pic to see it full view.

  • Official poster for "Real Democracy / 15m" by AegisStrife

    PRESS - October 3, 2011

    Our creative director Mario S. Nevado alias Aegis Strife did this poster originally for a specific social action of the "Real Democracy / 15M" movement that gonna be developed in his state next october 15th but at the end it was choosen to be the official poster for the same social action in the whole Spain. Congrats for the good work and good luck that day. Download hi res poster here. More info here

  • Gauso receives a Daily Deviation

    PRESS - October 3, 2011

    Congratulations to Mateo M. Usuga alias Gauso for his Daily Deviation on his piece Corrupted Heart of HM8:SHADOWNESS. Congrats Mateo!

  • "Octopuss" Wallpaper by Lucirgo

    WALLPAPERS - October 3, 2011

    Eduardo Santana "Lucirgo" shares with us his lovely piece "Octopuss" in an allways elegant wallpaper. Click on the preview to download it in many different formats.

  • Cano featured at ImagineFX

    PRESS - October 3, 2011

    Our member and friend Antonio Rodriguez Cano is present in the October 2011 issue of "ImagineFX" magazine with two different works. Congrats Cano!

  • Draugth Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!!

    LIVE VIDEO - October 3, 2011

    Our dear friend Alejandro Ospina "Draugth" is livestreaming right now. Have a look how he paints. LIVESTREAM SESSION IS OVER. STAY TUNNED FOR NEXT ARTIST SESSION Final results here:

  • "Ellas" selected as Daily Deviation

    PRESS - October 2, 2011

    We are glad to congratulate our artist Soghen who has been awarded in DeviantART with a Daily Deviation in his submission for HM8:SHADOWNESS, "Ellas".

  • Italia Ruotolo Step by step

    LIVE VIDEO - October 2, 2011

    This time you can enjoy this traditional painting work process of our dear Italia Ruotolo in a piece of tremendous beauty. Hope you like it. And here is the finished piece

  • We love SHADOWNESS

    PRESS - October 2, 2011

    We want to say a big thanks to, Meng and all his staff group for their support and to believe on us even in the worst moments. For every daily feature of our artists, for every wallpaper, for being so kind and helpful and for to make us proud to be shadowness members. Thanks guys. :)

  • Atixvector interview at Quint Magazine

    PRESS - September 29, 2011

    Recently was published the nº8 if the Dubai magazine "QUINT" where is interviewed our creative director Orlando Aquije "AtixVector" and appears surrounded of a beautiful selection of his pieces that captivates everyone's eyes. Have a look just clicking on the banner or on the magazine´s name, it worth.

  • Andrea Melendez at Costa Rica EXPOFOTO 2011

    PRESS - September 29, 2011

    Our dear photographer member and friend Andrea Melendez was recently participating and featured as official publicitary image in the last EXPOFOTO 2011 of Costa Rica with a great sucess. Here you can see some photos from the event. And now a virtual visit to the exposition, you can see her in the exhibition room 1.

  • HM8 on the net

    PRESS - September 29, 2011

    We want to say thanks to some other places that featured us as: - 40fakes - - Envasarte - Designspartan - - - Webreweries - Designfeeds - BelioMagazine - Nagivity - Creativity Storm - Canary Islands Illustrators collective

  • HM8: SHADOWNESS in Psdtuts

    PRESS - September 29, 2011

    We are really proud to announce that our exhibition HM8:SHADOWNESS was featured in Psdtuts+. Click on the image to go there.

  • Lucirgo live Stream 1

    LIVE VIDEO - September 29, 2011

    This is the first of a series of video captures of Lucirgo's live streams. Hope you enjoy the making of this beautiful digital painting. This is the final result. Click to enlarge

  • HM8:SHADOWNESS in Abduzeedo

    PRESS - September 28, 2011

    We are happy to announce that our exhibition HM8:SHADOWNESS was featured in Click on the image to go there.

  • HM in Advanced Photoshop

    PRESS - September 28, 2011

    We had recently the opportunity to participate with some pieces of our artists and a small interview to Liran Szeiman in the Art Collectives article of the august Issue of the Advanced photoshop magazine. Here you can see the scans.

  • "The hunter" by Dumaker

    WALLPAPERS - September 28, 2011

    We are glad to start our contents series with this amazing wallpaper by Dumaker called "The hunter". Hope you like it.

  • The new "News system" activated

    NEWS - September 28, 2011

    We know that this is not a new system but it's important, useful, interesting and necessary, so... Renewing or die. We gonna offer lots of interesting contents so stay tunned.

  • Hysterical Minds Expression 8: Shadowness

    RELEASES - September 15, 2011

    We, the members of the art collective Hysterical Minds have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with the art community Shadowness on a unique project and we are very excited to show the product of our best effort up to date. This monster, our eighth expression, called HM8:SHADOWNESS, is an exhibition where each artist has made a personal vision of his darkest side and the general idea of shadowness, through different styles and a big variety of concepts, creating an intense and homogeneous set, of a tremendous quality and facing the tough challenge of raising a qualitative step in our growing dynamics, reasons why, together, we are sure it will be a huge success. Focused on more illustrative esthetic dynamics and in a dark concept, aimed to affront a dark-themed artbook project forthcoming commissioned by a publishing company, we had developed this expression halfway between the usual way of elaborating groupal exhibitions of art collectives, on one hand, and a work dynamic similar to a commissioned proffessional illustration studio, on the other hand, trying to be successful at one time in this two-way project, maintaining the homogeneity but keeping some balance and diversity, and enhancing the constructive criticism and creative direction more than ever in our group, putting it difficult to ourselves. We hope that the public understands the dual focus that will characterize the outcome of this exhibition, and that enjoy the product of our efforts. Shadowness, as a concept itself, we thought it is enough subjective to be an expositive elaboration theme in itself, allowing a big variety of interpretations, visions and forms of expression, and enough ambiguous to elaborate certain works representing the spirit of the community and others more focused on the specifications required for the future book, without a large gap between the two approaches and both would being agglutinated in the same display as part of a whole. From Hysterical Minds we would like to thank Meng To and all the other members of the Shadowness community for all your attention, help, support and good work, and for bringing us the opportunity to work together and demand a bit more to ourselves. Hysterical Minds Staff group.

  • Expression 7: Stay tuned!

    RELEASES - April 24, 2011

    The artgroup Hysterical Minds release its 7º exhibition in which has been given freedom to our artists to work on any subject. With a total of 100 pieces and more than 50 artists all over the world, this exhibition is a mirror of the constant personal and collective hunger for growth and getting better and better, this, together with the parallel projects wich reflects our evolution and takes us to developour activity outside the online world only. Thank you all for participate and wait us, enjoy this exhibition as much as we did making it.

  • Expression 6: Le glamour, l

    RELEASES - March 9, 2011

    We are proud to present our latest art exhibition with more than 80 works in many different techniques that under the title "Le glamour, l'amour et la mort" explores the world of the senses, sensuality, romanticism and death. Take a look!

  • New web design

    NEWS - March 9, 2011

    We must say a big THANKS to our sponsor that designed a new web for us and bought diferent codings and scripts for that. Also we have to be grateful with our partner Bolverk and the hard work he did here also. Thanks guys!

  • Recent Changes

    NEWS - March 9, 2011

    Lot's of changes happened here in the last months; new host, new domain, new forum system, new staff members, new afiliations and sponsorships, but definitely the most interesting part are the new projects in quiet developing. That's a interesting moment for us and a interesting moment to join our group. Join us and stay tuned!